• Tastier Fruit and Vegetables & Bigger Blooms. 2019 trials at KPU university yielding 68% increase with flowering when using VMG with commercial organic soil mix.
  • For Home or Commercial Use.
  • Trials during 2019 with leafy plants produced 21 % dry weight plant biomass increase and 20% leaf increase.
  • Small Amounts only are Needed For Greater Yields!  Please resist using more VMG than suggested. Start with minimums, increase cautiously.
  • The powder is very potent.
  • VMG is Toxin-Free & Eco-Friendly
  • 2020 Cannabis Trials yielded 36.9% increase in average flower biomass dry weight using a choice organic grow soil mix, and adding VMG powder.











Volcanimax Gro Is an Ultra Concentrated Mineral Formula



The Volcanimax Gro powder is extracted straight from the crater of a volcano that erupted some 200,000 years ago deep under the ice cap in the Central Coast mountains of British Columbia. While other volcanic rock amendments come from rock quarry or eroded volcanic rock, Volcanimax Gro is the purest volcanic rock dust on the market with mineral concentrations as high as 10 times higher than competitors. 




Exceptional Analysis Results

(Selected Plant Nutrients)



         Manganese         8.41%

         Calcium                8.36%                                    

         Iron                       5.24%

         Magnesium         5.62%

         Molybdenum      1.79%

         Sulphur                1.55%

         Potassium            0.98%

         Phosphorus         0.03%


                                                                                                                                                            VOLCANIMAXGRO LTD. Assay VA16150647   Sept 16 2016







"It is like my tomatoes were on steroids- Achieving over 2lb tomatoes and so sweet to boot"



                                                                 Jay and Jolene H




"We used Volcanimax as a foliar spray on our drought stressed Empress tree and within 4 weeks it had grown 4 feet taller and turned lush green. Since then, we've started using it everywhere in the garden and are seeing amazing results!"


Don and Sharlene M








"Our plants were almost 15' high at maturity and very green, healthy and vigorous. Plants were not yet mature in this picture. We also noticed less mold issues and almost no pests" 


                                                                                                            JP M