The Volcano Discovery


The discovery of the mineral-rich volcano was a chance event. In 2015, pilot and owner Gene Drader, was on an aerial search for remote kayaking destinations when he stumbled across the volcano.

As an adventurer and lifelong lay prospector, Gene was excited of the possibilities of finding concentrations of rare earth minerals like gold and diamonds. Renowned geologists and volcanologists were enlisted to study samples from the several craters that had erupted under thick sheets of ice.

That is when he was told that he was sitting on a gold mine, but not like the one that he had envisioned; the craters were packed with essential and scarce plant nutrients. Having erupted under an ice cap meant that the lava ran under low oxygen conditions reducing the oxidation process and retaining high concentration of minerals trapped within the ice walls. Initial assays revealed that the volcanic powder contained 3 to 10 times higher concentrations of minerals than any other volcanic or glacial mineral soil enhancement products currently on the market.  

Enthused by the possibilities, Gene filled his helicopter with volcanic rock which he ground to a fine dust with 98% solubility and proceeded to run tests on plants. The help of scientists and growers was later added to further research the vast possibilities for the powder’s use.


Initial trials were a great success with hands on education resulting from using too much powder as foliar spray could be too strong for young plants, the current recommendation is that just a very small amount is all that is necessary to achieve striking results!