Volcanoes: Unlocking Soil Fertility

Agrarians societies have settled around rich fertile volcanic valleys for ages. 

Basalt, the predominant rock formation associated with volcanoes is some of the densest in minerals in existence. Moreover, volcanic weathering makes those minerals more readily available to plants then any other rock deposits.  Another factor that contributes to elevated levels of fertility in volcanic soils is the presence of feldspar which contains an abundance of minerals such as iron, magnesium, and potassium. These are some of the most important minerals found in fertilizers to ensure plant growth. 

The combination of those factors sets apart volcanic rock dust from any other rock dust supplements. 



     The Volcanimax Gro powder is very fine. >75% of particles are under 325 mesh and the remaining 25% is between 200-325 mesh. This means that the minerals are readily available to help soil microorganisms get to work unlocking nutrients for your plants. 



     Volcanimax Gro will not pollute your local area, streams, rivers or coastline through run off; in fact, using our soil enhancer regularly will be an investment in your soil’s future productivity.