Why use Volcanimax Gro in your garden?


Because you can be part of the solution, rather than part of the problem:


Whether you like to grow flowers in pots, fruit and vegetables in your raised beds, or whether you have a larger garden or greenhouses to look after, it is now more important than ever to choose garden products and fertilizers that don’t harm the planet. 


Now, there is a completely harmless, but incredibly effective, organic enhancement that will actively regenerate your soil while increasing your yields, making your fruit and vegetables bigger and tastier and all your plants more vigorous and colorful.        It’s great for flowers, bushes, fruit & hazelnut trees too. 


In developed countries, virtually every local stream and river is now polluted by ‘runoff’: as rainfall washes over gardens and farmed fields and moves downhill through gravity, it picks up and carries away natural and human-made pollutants and pesticides, finally depositing them into streams, rivers, lakes, coastal waters and even our underground water sources. 


Volcanimax Gro is not only certified organic and toxin-free, but actively enhances your soils long term. There seems to be evidence too, that bugs and aphids, the gardeners’ nemeses, don’t like Volcanimax enriched plants. Great news for you, your tomato addiction, and the planet.



How To Use Volcanimax?

Just a tiny amount will ‘turbo charge’ your growing plants. 

At the moment, we sell Volcanimax Gro as a mineral powder that you can either add directly to your soil for root feeding, or you can add it to water and spray it onto the leaves; either method works beautifully. 

More information on how to use Volcanimax Gro HERE


What’s in Volcanimax Gro?

Assessments show that this amazing subglacial volcanic powder contains up to ten times more minerals, by weight, than any other volcanic or glacial soil enhancement products on the market.


All plants require an adequate supply of 16 essential macro and micro nutrients. 13 of these are naturally occurring minerals that are present in large quantities in our volcanic powder. Without proper mineral content, plant growth can be stunted. Agricultural regeneration through mineral soil enhancement is the future in growing.


Volcanimax Gro is unique. Nothing even gets close. This is why you need so little to get great results. 


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